Pisa Karate Group

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About us

Pisa Karate Group is a group of karate practitioners that practice our martial art as taught by Oscar Mazato Higa Hanshi, 10th Dan. Our official designation as a dojo is the Washimekai Kuromatsu Dojo which is affiliated with...

Strong mind, strong body

Through practice of karate, children and teenagers can learn the values of hard-work, perseverance, a success-oriented mind while maintaining respect, discipline and ...


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Basic Karate Classes for Children

Teens and Adults 
Self-Defense Class

Wellness Through the Martial Arts Lifestyle

Our karate class for children in Pisa has been designed with a focus on improving a child's motor skills through physical exercises and karate techniques. At the same time, they are taught the values of respect, humility and perseverance.

Teens and adults have more specific needs when it comes to martial arts. We designed our Adult and Teen Self-Defense Class in Pisa to focus on dealing with common acts of physical violence that have been revealed through research.

All our karate classes in Pisa have a strong philosophical element that allows karate to go beyond the physical and also benefit our mental well-being. The principles of serenity and selflessness derived from Zen are reflected in each lesson.